Family History Research Services

I provide a professional and personal genealogical service.  I enjoy researching families and will treat yours as if they are my own.  I have done extensive research here in Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland.  But as our ancestors didn’t always stay in the one place, my research has covered many places including the Caribbean, Canada, USA, (British) India, New Zealand, & parts of Europe. 

I particularly enjoy finding your ancestors who for whatever reason have a mysterious past, finding missing ancestors, or exploring NPE/ NME (non-paternal events / non-maternal events) and analysing the genetic trail with the paper trail.

I have been lucky to have had many clients with a variety of interesting research needs and not one job has been the same as another.

Please Read: 

Every client has their own unique needs in the type of research required or objectives and outcomes that they are seeking.  Please contact me with your query so we can discuss what you are looking for; there’s no charge for consultation, general discussion via emails or phone.  However, as each client’s needs are different, I prefer not to provide a specific quote on the cost of research.  Research is dependant on many factors and it is fairer to you, for us to discuss the approach to your requirements rather than charging a blanket amount to cover unexpected costs when it may not be needed.

There are times when I may have several queries resulting in commissions at the same time, and for some I need to work on one at a time while others I will work on  over the same period.  I will advise you if I cannot start immediately.  I will stay in touch with you, giving you an approximate time when I may be able to commence your research.  I completely understand if clients do not want to wait and move onto someone else, but please advise me promptly.  

Services and research provided: 

Biographies, Mysteries and DNA Analysis

  • Identifying unknown ancestors using both your DNA results and traditional paper trail
  • Uncovering mysteries about an ancestor
  • getting through a brick wall
  • researching a biography for a particular ancestor of interest
  • hourly rate is $35 per hour; 
  • a maximum number of hours or cost can be set; 
  • note that a minimum of 5 hours research is required.

Multi-generation Family Tree

Hourly rate of $45 per hour which includes the following:

  • Researching and creating a family tree – this can be taken back to a specified number of generations or as far as is possible to take it;
  • Included in this resarch is a PDF containing each generation of the family groups containing:
    • dates & details of your ancestors life events
    • occupation, military, residence; census etc.
    • as well there are additional notes provided which – depending on your desired objectives and outcomes – can contain interesting facets uncovered about your ancestors, and their place in social history

As well DNA analysis can be used to

  • fill in gaps in the family tree;
  • confirm the family origins;
  • Find NPE/NME.

Additionally, a narriative can also be requested which will use all the above information in a easy to read format.


Inclusions & Payment:

  • extra costs incurred for documents purchased eg birth, death or marriage certificates, archival material etc. (there is no mark up on them); 
  • any agreement and associated payments due for work to be undertaken will be stipulated in emails etc.; 
  • payment can be arranged via PayPal, or direct bank deposit as arranged.


Every family has an interesting story though unfortunately, there are no guarantees as to how much information will be found due to the nature of family history, but always be prepared to find the surprises and the skeletons!

Please contact me via email:   findingmyfoote at gmail dot com

Other Services $35 per hour

  • Paleography – transcribing old letters, wills etc.;
  • Digitising records – eg from a handwritten or paper family tree into a genealogy software program to produce a gedcom file.
  • Visiting the Queensland State Archives (QSA) or State Library of Queensland to photograph documents or download files etc.
  • The QSA provide copying services directly and only they can certify archived documents, my services can be a cheaper alternative when large files are required;
  • The State Library of Queensland can provide services for some of the information they hold via their Ask Us;

Research Services $35 per hour

  • Reviewing existing research, finding new leads etc to give your stalled research some new directions;
  • Research of an individual or family as required, information provided as general summary with associated documents;
  • Summary may include the positive and negative results where relevant;
  • Assist in setting up your family tree for you to take over;
  • Getting started with genetic genealogy to assisting interpreting results.

Multi Generation Family Tree $45 per hour

Comprehensive research on the family tree.  The number of people, generations and detail is dependent on what is required and/or available as far as records.   Included will be the Family Group Sheets which contain all the essentail information eg. life events, occupations, places of residence, census information etc.  All the additional information gathered during research will be written up as general notes, it contains any interesting points about an ancestor, newspaper articles, observations about their place in social history etc.  It can be written in a narrative format if desired, but note this that this option is added time whereas the notes are included in the research time.  All sources are cited with all relevant documents included.   This will be returned via email or similar unless otherwise arranged.

Biography $45 per hour

A narrative biography on an individual.

This narrative details research into an individual ancestor.  Information would ideally include their life events, family background, occupation, events which impacted their lives, and achievements all within an historical context.  It includes dates & facts but put together in a cohesive biography with a bibliography.  The level of detail is dependent on the amount of time spent researching.  This will be returned via email, Dropbox or similar.  A printed version on quality paper can be posted if required.