Restoration $50 (AUD)

Colourisation $50 (AUD)

Restoration & Colourisation $75 (AUD)

Our ancestors loved having their photo taken just as we do, often to send to their family and friends.  Unfortunately many of  those that have managed to remain in a family may not be in the best condition and a reprint of one cracked photo is all that has survived.  But even these can look completely different digitially restored, preserving our ancestors for future generations.

There’s something about the sepia tones of old photos which give them a nostalgic appea, but some photos really come alive with colorisation.

To request a photo service or if you have any questions, please email findingmyfoote at gmail dot com 

Please note that this is a digital restoration service, and we require a scan of the image (if you or a family member don’t have a scanner – check your local library or printing shop).  The quality of the final product may be dependent on the original.  Always scan a photo at it’s optimum settings, and even sepia or b&w photos should be scanned as coloured to maintain all the tones.

Custom quotes are available for multiple images.

Photo 1.  Digitally restored.  This photo has been  restored from a scanned reprint of the original which was taken in the early 1900s.

Photo 2.  Digitally colourised from a scanned reprint of a black & white wedding photo from 1954.

Photo 3.  Digitally restored & colourised from a scan of an original studio portrait  photo c1915. (note that the background would have been a painted backdrop)